Laurel Posakony is a comedian and Screenwriter based in Chicago, IL.

They majored in Comedy Writing and Performance at Columbia College and are a graduate of iO, The Annoyance, and The Second City’s Conservatory program.

They are the CEO of The Improv Network, a nonprofit Organization that aims to connect improvisers all over the world.

Today, they can be found performing with Buttermilk at iO, Fever Dream at Second City, ALot in Chicago, and around the country with their duo Merit Badge.


About the Human

You guys, Laurel is into other stuff besides comedy. I promise.

They were raised in San Diego in front of a state park, so Laurel feels most at home outdoors. Subsequently, their primary interests include working out, photographing nature, bouldering, and taking road trips in their van. The inside of it’s like a tiny house, you guys. Unreal.

They pay rent by shooting headshots and posters for fellow comedians (But if we’re being really honest, They work at a coffee shop like every other twenty-something comedian).

Their dislikes include: People who are rude to waiters, paid parking, systemic oppression, and olives on a perfectly good pizza.